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Google Ads in 2020 – Worth it for My Business?

The year is 2020, and Google Ads is here to stay.
However, does it still hold up compared to other alternatives? In this article we’ll take a look at what makes AdWords so beneficial for businesses all around the world.

  1. Faster Than SEO

You’ve read that right. Instead of having to go through the pain of constant on and offpage optimization to attract decent traffic and rank in the incredibly competitive market of Search Engine Optimization, you’ll be right here, right there – as soon as your AdWords Campaign has been launched.

2. Looking for Customers? The entire World is your Customer!

AdWords is not limited to any country in particular, in fact the entire world is able to see your Ad which – as you may have guessed – can be a great thing if you’re selling digital products or offer services where you want to target individuals outside of your country. However, if you still wish to limit the reach of your Ad – you can always set it to only display nationally, or even regionally. If you want to go crazy, only your neighborhood.

3. The Right Time and a Little Bit Of Luck

Have you ever noticed how you crave a midnight snack at… midnight? The same thing applies for search results, it’s more likely that someone will be searching for a furniture shop during the day rather than in the middle of the night! So, instead of burning through your budget and displaying your Ads during the entire day – it’s certainly an advantage to display them when your customers, patients or colleagues are looking for you!

4. Get in Touch with Old Customers

If you ever ran a Campaign before, be it on Facebook or Bing – then it’s possible to import or even combine the data you’ve gathered from on there. And what that means is clear – retargeting. If you were already able to satisfy a customer, chances are they will buy from you again.

5. It’s All about Quality

That’s correct. There’s actually a pattern that Google sticks to – and surprisingly, it’s not “who’s paying the most gets the most”. It’s all about your quality score. If you manage to have a quality score of 100% with no recommendations at all while only spending 2$ CPC bid (Cost Per Click), chances are you’ll outrank your rich competitors with a quality score of 74% and a CPC bid of 50$.


As you can see, AdWords or rather Google Ads still holds up and there are no signs of dying out. Competition is strong, but who could beat advertising on the world’s biggest search engine?

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