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How Much Should a PPC Freelancer Cost?

The thought of someone performing great work for a less competitive price is alluring, but unfortunately far from reality. Chances are, it will do nothing but waste your money. In this article, I’ll be showing you why it’s sometimes better to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket.

  1. Return of Investment

A PPC Manager who doesn’t care about your campaign will not know when they should ditch or optimize a campaign, this alone means terrible news for your budget. Where someone else can come up with a solution to fix your campaign, someone who just works for cheap will just run it to the ground. This is not to talk down on them, but a situation everyone went through when they started learning. However, during the learning phase, aspiring PPC professionals should rather launch their own campaigns instead of giving potential clients false hope.

2. Communication

There’s nothing more important than communication and money in the world of business, this also applies for hiring the correct Google Ads freelancer. Frankly, I’m someone who enjoys communicating with my clients through Skype, LinkedIn or Twitter in case they have questions. Most of the time it’s pretty straightforward, but there are situations when something isn’t entirely clear – the client ends up wanting to comprehend what’s happening with his money, this should be extremely easy to answer, as well as any other questions regarding PPC strategies you may want to implement. Whereas someone who just does it for quick money will give you a copy & paste answer or be as bland as possible, someone who cares can go into as much detail as you’d like him to – and that’s how it should be, after all – it’s your money!

3. Cheap isn’t Better

Let’s assume a Freelancer charges a monthly fee of 1200$, whereas his competitor charges a flat monthly fee of 50$. Freelancer A is setting up the campaign, doing keyword research and entering a phase of information gathering, making sure to carefully run a test campaign for your advertisement and eventually using the one that’s most successful later down the line, assuring a great ROI (Return Of Investment). Now let’s take a look at Freelancer B, damn he’s fast! In fact, so fast he went for the most basic keywords and burns through your budget within a month, getting you 2 new leads if you’re lucky. And your money? Your money is gone.

4. Unexpected Circumstances

Google Ads can be a pain to deal with under specific circumstances, whether that means a strong competitor entered the market or someone has been using black hat tactics is up to fate. What’s important is how you deal with those, experience will make it easier, that’s for sure. There’s a high probability Freelancers who care will have seen something similar, if not the same thing multiple times. This way it’s easier for us to determine what sort of action is worth taking, and what sort of action would be good for nothing.

5. Take Care

If a PPC Freelancer ever ends up demanding your personal login information, run as far as you can. Professionals have a MCC Account, which is basically a manager account. The difference is that unlike having to constantly worry about your account being in the hands of someone else, an MCC Account will send you a message in which you confirm the access that your Freelancer has over your campaign. From there on out, the Freelancer will be able to set up and manage your campaign, optimize it and make use of the data you’ve gathered from previous campaigns. Nothing more, nothing less. You can quit any time once your goal has been achieved!

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