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Why Your Target Audience May Not be the One You Expect

If you’re aware of the huge amount of social media platforms and search engines today, you’re probably also aware that advertising on them can be quite the profitable act in the modern digital age. But which one should you choose? And why?

Every business has a different need, the same way every platform has a different use. Let’s get an example going here.

Many businesses who want to target a younger audience may believe it’d be the best choice to use Facebook Ads. But they’re mistaken.

As you can see, the demographic peaks around 30 – surely this would be a rather old teen to market your products to. But how about Instagram?

Ah, that’s more like it.

Actually, this even carries over to other popular platforms, not just the 2 biggest. Pinterest for instance, the demographic is quite intriguing. Seven out of ten Pinterest users are female. How that can be useful – well, you can probably imagine if that’s the audience you’re looking for!

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