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COVID-19 – Which Industries Still Profit From PPC?

Many industries are hit hard during the current pandemic, but does that mean it’s worth to stop advertising until it’s all over? No.

In fact, some industries are booming right now while others are not. This can be seen in industries about digital escapism (video games, movie streams) and so far there’s no sign of it stopping.

In a way, this means depending on your industry, you might be able to turn this entire situation into an advantage for your business – as long as it doesn’t force people to go outside and keeps them busy.

But let’s take a look at the winning industry here and why they’re not hit as hard.

Right at the top, there’s E-commerce. I doubt this surprises anyone since E-commerce (aside from product delivery if they’re not selling digital products) does not have to depend on physical human to human contact. Almost everything happens online, and in a time where most of the population is forced to stay inside – they’ve got the advantage.

This concludes our short article of the day and hopefully gave you a little bit more insight!

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