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What Is White Label PPC Management?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve got too many clients to handle but cannot afford to reject new proposals, White Label PPC – especially for AdWords – may be exactly what you need.

But how does it work? How can it be trusted? In simple terms, White Label PPC means you outsource one or more of your projects to a trustworthy PPC professional who will hide in the shadows as you deliver the final result to your client, for a price – of course.

But wait – if I pay you, where do I get my money from?

The answer to this is rather simple. Let’s assume your client has a monthly budget of 5.000$ and your usual monthly management cost is 1.000$ – then it’ll simply be split into two (depending on where you get your White Label PPC worker from) and both parties will end up with a nice 500$, you essentially just for bringing in the client and cashing in on the invisible work of the other side (me).

How can I benefit from this?

It’s simple, really. If you’re an agency owner or a rather busy freelancer, there’s an unlimited amount of benefits that comes with outsourcing some of your clients considering the amount of stress and time consumption it will take off your shoulders.

This concludes our quick article for the day and hopefully gave you a little bit more insight!

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