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Are Call Only Ads Right For Your Business?

What will I get out of this?

In this quick article of the day we’ll talk about what kind of business Call Only Ads are most suited for and things you should look out for, so stay tuned!

Who shouldn’t use Call Only Ads?

Generally it should be known that if your business does not provide a customer service or has the need to win over clients on the phone, a call only ad is not suitable.
But it doesn’t really end there, you have to see how much value a potential client would provide for your business. If you’re trying to sell a subscription or just get someone to sign up for your course, this may not be the method you’re looking for!

Who should use Call Only Ads?

If your business is offline oriented or relies on keeping in touch with your leads, Call Only Ads are highly recommended.
Not only will your potential customers be able to reach you ASAP, you’ll also have the chance of building a long, trustworthy relationship and follow up with them.

Professions With The Best Results

I’ve found the most success for clients in the following industries or professions:

Software Sales
Cleaning Services
Food Delivery
Divorce Lawyers
Family Lawyers
Personal Injury Lawyers
Immigration Lawyers
Repair Services
Restoration Services

Is it Expensive?

Generally, this depends on your location and competition! Rule of thumb is to not spend more than half of the amount a potential client would bring to your business, therefore if a potential client would put 500$ in your pocket, you’ll want to go for 250$. This of course changes depending on how badly you need that conversion and how confident you are in your sales talk!

Thankfully, AdWords offers you the option to only charge you after a specific amount of time has passed on the call. This means there’s no rush and you can take your time to get to know your potential client a bit better!

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