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How To Avoid Bad KeyWords And Turn Your Campaign Around

In this quick article of the day we’ll talk about properly using keywords and why you always want to avoid broad match keywords!

Keyword Types and What They Do

Generally you should be aware that different keyword types have different consequences. Some of those may be able to generate results for your business that you wouldn’t even have imagined in your wildest dreams!
Others, however, are going to burn your budget in no time – without results!
To avoid this, it’s important to be aware of the Keyword Types you should look out for:

Once this logic starts making sense to you, half of your problems should already start to fade away!

How To Sort Them Out

Eliminate anything that is not relevant for your business. If you see keywords that bring no results, remove them.
That’s how it should be, right? But if it were that easy, this industry wouldn’t exist.

Make sure to look out for 3 things. Ask yourself these questions, if you answer “yes” to all of them – only then be sure to sort it out!

Is your desired keyword at a higher price than you can afford?
Is the expected search traffic below the amount you’d statistically require to do more than just break even?
Is your keyword too broad as a whole?

Why Negative Keywords Matter

Negative keywords in Google Ads may be one of the most important factors for a successful campaign. Not only do they allow you to filter out unwanted traffic from people who abuse your broad match keywords (remember to avoid them!) , but they’ll also make sure no bot traffic will spam your contact form.
Because let’s be honest, we all know horrors like this:

Now, how exactly would those results be helpful for your business again…?
Unless, of course – you’d like to sell to robots!

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