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The RIGHT Way To Write A Headline

Headlines are the soul of your ads.

Without a good headline, you won’t be able to attract anyone.

No matter how good the campaign.

But what makes a headline good and what makes it bad?

Let’s find out.

Questions to ask yourself:

What am I offering?

Who’s my target audience?

Where’s my call to action?

What am I offering?

This is something you should decide before you even start your campaign.

Chances are, if you run a shop for digital goods you won’t offer the same products or services as your local Mom & Pop shop.

Who’s my target audience?

If you don’t know your target audience yet, it’s time to find out.

No matter what you offer, there’s someone who wants it.

The trick is finding out exactly who that is ― audience targeting being a broad topic on its own, so let’s save that for another time.

Once you figured out who has interest in your service or product, make sure your headlines focus on what interests them the most.

Have there been new problems in their industry?

Do you offer a solution to a problem they’re facing?

If so, do you currently offer it with some extras?


Where’s my call to action?

Your call to action needs to be effective enough to eliminate any doubts. Placing it at the start wouldn’t be the best choice.


Because calling to action when you haven’t said anything yet won’t be profitable. No way of convincing potential customers you’re the right choice, so let’s say you currently offer a 20% Discount.

Save that for the last headline, and you’ll see it work wonders.

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