One Minute Read Ahead!

Let’s go through ― what could be your campaign ― soon.

2 Months have gone by, and this was the result.

87 new clients, 87 people, 87 lives…

That means 87 long term cases. Consultancy hours. Work.
At a cost of 3,150 USD, split in two months.


How did we accomplish it?
And can it be accomplished for you, a fellow lawyer as well?
The answer isn’t a maybe. It’s a yes.

You see, every individual is different.
That means ad groups targeting people with specific personality types should be targeted.

For now, these are the equivalent of Jane & John Doe. But after each conversion, they’ll turn into a Thomas, a Kate, new cases that you’re a perfect match for.

But PPCSauce, how do you assure they’re actually interested? After all, everyone could click on our ads.

Targeting. Specific targeting. If you’re a divorce lawyer, obviously the answer is the target married audiences. Family law? Parents. Both? Combined audiences. There is  no way you can lose.
And the best part?
You can quit at any time.

.Do you think your business could benefit from our work?
Personally speaking,

we would love to hear from you!